If you have been providing delivery service for any length of time, you have likely received complaints

about long delivery times. Some problems are out of your control… heavy traffic, bad weather and accidents can slow your drivers. However, many issues are caused by lost drivers that have little or no knowledge of your delivery area. A lost driver costs you his hourly rate, food replacement cost or refund, and worst of all, your businesses’ reputation. One dissatisfied customer can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

A common question we hear is “With all of the free map applications available for smart phones today, why does my restaurant need a wall map?” The answer is simple… a wall map and GPS are two very different tools. Wall maps provide a quick reference that online solutions simply do not. But don’t just take it from us, here are some recent comments from drivers:

  • "Buy a map and know how to read it. I refuse to use GPS, for one it doesn't always show you the quickest route. And while you’re still typing in the address to your run, I'm already on the way to mine."
  • "I still go by the map. Even for those streets I need to look up it's usually faster than GPS. Big fan of the map."
  • "I mean, not everyone has a smart phone and if they do, not everyone uses data to get access to GoogleMaps. A physical map is just a good idea. :)"
  • "Our place just installed a brand new map last week actually. All of our drivers have fully functional smart phones, but most of them use the map anyway.”
  • "I still only use paper maps. You learn your area a lot quicker, which in turn makes you quicker, which means more tips."

As you can see, wall maps are the preferred navigational tool of drivers. Investing in high quality, laminated wall maps and map books from Geographic Delivery Service will give your drivers the tools they need to provide exceptional, prompt service. Our custom map products are created for your specific delivery area and come with matching POS street data for seamless integration.

Your drivers need to know your area thoroughly. GPS directions simply will not give them that. As one driver commented, “GPS will take you where you want to go but it's unlikely you'll remember much from one trip to the next.” Using our map products in your store will make your drivers much more efficient and productive. This will reduce critical driver errors and save you money.

We have helped thousands of restaurants throughout the US and Canada. We would like to help yours too. Contact us today for a quote!


  • “I would highly recommend Geographic Delivery Service. They are very easy to work with, prompt and professional. Service after the sale is great also. Any needs were addressed promptly and with courtesy. As we were developing mapping for 21 stores in our pizza chain GDS was a pleasure to work with. The digital and physical maps are of excellent quality.”
    - Frank W., Vito's Pizza and Subs
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